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Our jewel in the crown has to be Harry's Bar, our very own pub within The Stockyard. In which we have numerous entertainment nights with music, singing and dancing. The atmosphere is electric but also Mon, Fri & Sun nights are more sedate when you can enjoy a good chinwag, provided you don't talk about Lorries, diesel fumes are prohibited!

We have an excellent range of beers and lagers at extremely competitive prices, ranging from a modest £1.80 per beer to £2.50 for Stella or Guinness (March 2011). We also have a large range of bottled beers and wines.

The Stockyard has several outside seating areas where drivers can escape the confines of their lorry, weather permitting and that's not mentioning our very popular smoking chalet to the rear of the bar which is well lit and heated, providing smokers with as best a degree of comfort as the law permits.